Good Business

“We believe Sustainability isn’t just a trend, it is our Ineluctable Responsibility towards the Future Generations”

Our Contribution Towards a Sustainable Future

As a company committed to a sustainable future, we have brought about structural reforms in our routine processes, and built relevant infrastructure to meet our Sustainability Goals!


We source Recycled Polyester made out of PET Bottles.

We made double-layered Fabric Masks to efficiently utilise the Cut-Waste Fabrics during the Pandemic.


Our Processing House uses Eco-friendly dyes, pigments & chemicals.

Our Effluent Treatment Plant recycles more than 80% of the effluent generated.


We’ve replaced most fluorescent lights with LED lights in our Office Spaces.

We’ve installed Rooftop Solar Panels to harness about 200 KW of Power at our Daman & Silvassa Plants.


We’ve built Energy Conservation & Management systems through our boiler house in our Ankleshwar Plant.

We’ve built the finest ESP & Water Scrubber to achieve Negligible Suspended Particulate Matter in the gases discharged from our process house.