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Just as the world was ravaged by a Pandemic in early 2020 and lockdowns were being imposed everywhere, there was one medical accessory that suddenly became a worldwide compulsion, the Mask.

As Fabric Manufacturers, we thought it was our responsibility to step-up and help in our own unique way. Despite the constraints of the lockdown, we decided to manufacture double-layered reusable fabric masks for our team members running the factories in these testing times!

With time, we made over 20,000 Masks, and what started off as a Mask Distribution Activity turned into one of our most impactful social initiatives “The Care Project” as we served various sections of Society right from the stakeholders of SVG to the frontline workers like the City Police Force.

As a company committed to our Government’s goal of an “Atmanirbhar India”, it was an honour to see our Leaders participate in “The Care Project” and the Respected Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri. Vijay Rupani participated by wearing the indigenous masks made by us for this noble initiative.

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Masks Distributed

“Giving back to our Roots

Our Founder, Mr. Satyanarayan Agarwal is a native of Kuchaman City, Rajasthan. Having had a very humble upbringing, he left his hometown to build a career in Mumbai, the City of Dreams. Over time, as he built a fortune and settled along with his family in Mumbai, he had a recurring urge of wanting to do something for the development of his hometown.

We built a state-of-the-art Educational Institution called “Manoharidevi Hiralal Agarwal Kanoi Science College” which has helped many aspiring Doctors in Kuchaman realise their dreams!

Converting our Founder’s ancestral home, we built a Recreation Centre called “Hiralal Chauthmal Kanoi Seva Kendra” for the Old-Aged residents of Kuchaman.

Apart from the above, we have actively participated in initiatives around Health, Education, Spirituality, Animal Care etc.

“No one should go Hungry

As a Company headquartered in a City which houses several Poor Slum Dwellers, we

regularly organise initiatives to help ease their lives!

On the auspicious festival of Diwali, we organise an “Annual Fair” through which we distribute Essential Food Items to families residing in the local slums.

We’ve been able to support 5000+ families through these Annual Fairs up till now. While this is a very tiny effort for a city the size of Mumbai, we are immensely grateful to have been at least a drop in this great ocean!